Have You Registered Your VIBE Card?

18th September 2019

If you have yet to, register now & earn 5 VIBE points* to enjoy super juicy exclusive benefits including a FREE Boost on your Birthday! 

*Valid only for members who have been collecting points prior to 1st Aug 2019 and who register their membership between 23rd Sep 2019 to 14 Oct 2019. 

Still not sure what the fruit is going on? We’ve dumped it all in our FAQs.  Check them out! 

Unregistered VIBE Members


  1. What will happen if I don’t register by the 14 Oct, 2019 deadline?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to redeem points until you register. So please make sure you register so you can continue to enjoy the super juicy VIBE benefits! If you do not register your VIBE card by 14th October 2019, your membership number will be valid in the country that your last transaction is made.


  1. Where do I go to register?

Just head to https://www.boostjuicebars.com.my/VIBE/ and click on “Register”.

If you need help on the steps on how to register, check out www.boostjuicebars.com.my/news/how-to-register-VIBE/


  1. I’m trying to register and it’s not working!

If you have registered a card before, you can’t register another card with the same email address. If you are looking to transfer your account to a new card, log into your VIBE account and follow the prompts in the “lost card” section.

Still not working? Make sure you have checked the instructions on the login page about correct prefixes and verification codes.

Still not working? Then email us at vibeclub@boostjuicebars.com.my and we will fix it for you!


  1. I have changed my details; how do I update my account information?

All the details that you have registered still can be changed when you move, got it wrong or got married! Just log into your VIBE account, head to the profile section, change your details and hit save!


  1. What are points?

For every drink you buy, you get one point. This can be for Kids, Medium and Original drinks, so long as you buy a drink. Points only apply for full price drinks and are not applicable for any other offers or promotions (unless otherwise stated in the T&C).


  1. Can I get a free drink yet?

If you have 10 or more points, then just head to any of our stores for your free Boost! You only need 10 points to get your freebie!


  1. Is there a limit on points and do they expire?

As long as your account is active (meaning it has been used within the past year, since 1 Sep, 2018), you can collect as many points as you want and the points will not expire! So feel free to accumulate more points, and shout out to a friend with a free Boost if you want!


  1. I used to have a VIBE account, but I can’t access it anymore. Has it been deleted?

Accounts that have been inactive or unused since 1 Sep, 2018 have been deactivated. If you wish to reactivate this, just email us at vibeclub@boostjuicebars.com.my with your old Boostie No. and Verification Code and we will fix it for you!


  1. So how do I get this Birthday Boost?

The Birthday Boost is only available 2 days before to 2 days after your birthday. There are a few reasons for this but check out the terms and conditions of VIBE for more information.

To redeem it, on your birthday, just head to your local store with your VIBE card and proof of birth date (Photo Identification such as your NRIC, Driver’s license or Passport) and you score a free Boost!
Do note that only 1 redemption per member per birthday.