Why prebiotics are more important than probiotics.

How often do you thinking about your gut health? Yeah, it’s an easy one to forget. But seriously gut health is so important, some people even refer to it as the bodies second brain. It affects a whole lot of things from the way we feel to the health of your skin. Which is why we thought we would tell you a little bit more about prebiotics and probiotics which are important for good gut health.

We have all heard of probiotics, in case you haven’t they are good bacteria to your gut. But there is an another ‘biotic’ word that we should all know about. Prebiotic. The humble prebiotic helps to stimulate the growth of good bacteria and keep them active. Basically, prebiotics are the food for the probiotics.

Without the growth and stimulation of all these good bacteria, then pathogenic bacteria may begin to spread and this can lead to a whole bunch of issues from bloating through to affecting your mood and overall health.

So basically, both pre- and probiotics are super important and opting for food that are high in both will ensure your keeping all the good stuff in and letting all the bad stuff run free.

Prebiotic foods include: banana, whole oats, wheat, legumes, green veggies.

Probiotic goods include: yoghurt, miso, fermented fruits.